New Dehli Old Town Market

Goodbye in New Delhi

New Delhi, my last place in India. One week I spent in the city and left thoughtfully for Indonesia.
You expect now for sure that I write a résumé of India, but I have to disappoint you. This article also deals less with the city than with impressions and experiences that every traveller experiences while travelling.

It is the confrontation with times when you feel lonely.

While travelling, you meet many people. Other travellers and locals. But sometimes one feels still lonely. I am lacking the emotional closeness that you have with friends home, to whome you show your feelings and with whome you share profound thoughts. While travelling, you encounter rarely people with whome you interact on this level. Often the conversations deal with the travel lenght, the trips and countries, future plans and tips and stories regarding to travel.

However, sometimes you find people who move you emotionally and leave a long lasting impression. These moments are very valuable. But you become also vulnerable. At this point the examination of the sustainability of travel acquaintances begins and the letting go of these.
On my recent trip, I met a few people who still accompany me in spirit or their acquaintance has sown new ideas and thoughts, with whom I still deal. But one part in meeting people while travelling is the parting and the time everyone goes his own way.

Memorizing these people, their ideas and future-related inspiration I am sometimes surprised that fate or coincidence brings one together with people who I would never have expected and who I would never have met in my previous life, because the past lives are far apart from each other. And yet we shared time together. And sometimes while saying farewell I have the feeling that this is the last time we see each other, although non-wished. That makes me sad now and then. Letting people go who one felt close and who much too quickly vanishing again from one’s life, of course, is seldom easy.

But it helps a lot to be just thankful that one had time together. And I’m grateful for these short moments and experiences that are now part of my memories and have influenced me in one or another way.

And because of such moments and people I love travelling!