Candle ceremony at Ganga Aarti in Varanasi

The business of death

Hooting cars, blasting rickshaws and mopeds and screeching bicycle bells combine to create a deafening noise potpourri that torments my drumming field. Varanasi – the holy city on the Ganges and the holiest city of Hinduism! And it’s so unbearably loud in the city center that I have to hold my ears more often. I […]

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Communication training at Kudle Beach

When traveling, you get to know the funniest and craziest people, especially if you are staying in the backpacker hotspots. The hitherto most interesting encounters I had on Kudle Beach in Karnataka, an alternative to the famous Om Beach.  The Beach is mostly visited by backpacker travellers because it as no access by a road. Therfore […]

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